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The E-Moulton E-Bike is a different breed altogether, a fascinating mix of old and new, lightweight (13.8kg) unusual appearance with special features.
Handcrafted in England, E-Moulton is the perfect bike for riders seeking maximum performance in an urban environment, alongside comfort and exceptional portability, with a frame that quickly adjusts to changing field conditions, and could be quickly folded for storage purposes. The combination with the ZEHUS ‘all-in-one’ hub motor, results in a unique E-bike, which maximize rider comfort and efficiency while providing a perfect balance of both battery and rider’s capabilities.



The MOULTON hybrid electric bike, hand crafted in England, is an ideal bike for urban riders seeking maximum performance along with maximum comfort. The perfect choice for urban commuters, the TSR2 allows easy city cruising and can face any challenge in urban terrain. Backed with the ZEHUS electric motor, the +E-MOULTON TSR2 is a lightweight, fast bike for everyday use, offering outstanding performance.

It offers a range of up to 30-35 km. Using the six different power modes, which range
between 30 km to 160 km and capture the rider’s capabilities, range can reach
up to 160 km.

The Moulton Bicycle Company, home of the original small wheel bicycle, is an icon
of high quality British engineering. Moulton bicycles are noted for unconventional frame design, which incorporates meticulous handwork and uncompromising quality. Moulton’s framesets are fabricated one at a time, with care and attention given to each frame. The process takes up to 14 days and is carried out from the beginning to the end by a professional frame builder.

The unique Moulton frame, engineered of small diameter tubes in a geometry diamond shape, provides both high rigidity and low weight. Each frames is welded one step at a time in an accurate, meticulous process, resulting in virtually unnoticeable welds. Followed by a double oven-painting process,
the frame is complete, with a uniformed, flawless appearance.

The narrow high pressure 20-inch tires complete the bike’s stiff frame, enables accurate wheel tracking and a fast, smooth riding experience.

Forcedto find a creative solutions for shock absorption, due to the combination of
the frame’s rigidity and unique wheels, Moulton’s engineers utilized front and
rear suspension systems, using double crown forks and an elastomer rear
suspension. The shock absorbers provide a smooth, high performance riding

Separable and Adaptable

With their separable frames, Moulton bicycles allow easy dismantling for transportation or storage. This separability introduces no compromises other than a little extra weight and does not damage the high-quality riding experience and efficiency.
When disassembled, the two halves of a Moulton fit easily in the boot of a car or
travel case.

For a demonstration video click here

ZEHUS Bike+ Hub

Regenerative braking system
Similarly to hybrid vehicles – such as the Toyota Prius – the ZEHUS electric motor hub, incorporates regenerative braking capabilities.
During regenerative braking, the engine provides electromagnetic resistance to the spinning wheels and slows down the bike; simultaneously taking advantage of the resistance in order to generate electrical current and charge the battery.
A Smart Motor with Self Charging Capabilities
The ZEHUS electric motor hub can recognize the power mode and respond in real time. The motor provides real-time energy input: Going uphill, it will provide more power to prevent unnecessary effort; going downhill, it will convert the energy you input into electrical energy to recharge the battery. On flat ground, it will recapture your energy and will provide the required amount of energy for fast cycling.
Both economical and efficient, the ZEHUS provides the winning combination of your beating heart and the motor.
Smartphone Control

Forget about cables and buttons.
Through the Bitridee cycling app, you can select your favorite power mode, manage
your trip data – including speed, navigation and battery data – turn on satellite navigation, and even lock and track your bike’s location.
Smart Slope Sensors
Using a slope sensor unit, the motor senses the exact gradient of the bicycle at every stage of your riding.
Depending on which one of the six power modes you choose, the motor will determine the required wattage for the wheel thus resulting in increased battery life.
Subsequently, the motor will know precisely when to generate electrical current and charge the battery.
The electric bike motor, of Italian manufacturer ZEHUS Bike+, is what makes E-Moulton a smart, hybrid bike, offering a bike system that optimizes cyclists’ efficiency. The ZEHUS Bike+, all in one system consists of an aluminum shell containing a 250 watt planetary geared hub motor, eight small Lithium-ion battery packs, a
regeneration system and a control board with simulated torque, gyroscope
and speed sensors, and Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

Headset Tange Techno-Glide
Front Hub KT 36 q/r
Rear Hub Sturmey-Archer S2C 2-speed 36 hole double anodised aluminium
Spokes SS 14g
Rims Silver alloy, CNC brake track
Tyres Continental Contact 37-406
Tubes Schwalbe 20″ presta
Crankset Sturmey-Archer 44t with chain guard disc.
Bottom Bracket Sturmey-Archer sealed cartridge
Brake Levers Avid FR-5
Brakes Avid Single Digit 5 / back-pedal rear
Gear Lever Front n/a
Gear Lever Rear n/a (kick-shift)
Front Mech n/a
Rear Mech n/a
Cassette SA 17T (chain-drive)
Chain TAYA 3/32 chain
Pedals VP607 alloy / rubber tread
Seatpost Kalloy SP265
Saddle Selle Royal Viper
Handlebar Stem Uno adjustable
Handlebar Kalloy AL-007 DB
Handlebar Grips/Tape Rubber moulded
Gear Range (inches) 51-70″
Frame Size Suitable for inside leg 27-36″
Colour Now available in Black or Orange [see colour chart]
Separability Separates into two halves via removal of kingpin
Weight (fixed frame, no pedals) 13.8kg (30.4lb)
Mudguard Clearance (guide) Up to 1.6″ tyre section