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E-Moulton - Premium Urban Electric Bike - אלקטריק קונספטס
Premium Urban Electric Bike

The E-Moulton E-Bike is a different breed altogether, a fascinating mix of old and new, lightweight (13.8kg) unusual appearance with special features.

Brompton Electric Kit - Zehus Smart Hub mounted on titanium rear triangle - אלקטריק קונספטס
Zehus Smart Hub mounted on titanium rear triangle

Upgrade your Brompton bike with a premium electric motor without compromising on Brompton effortless folding.

FOFFA BOOST - Single Speed Electric Bike - אלקטריק קונספטס
Single Speed Electric Bike

The FOFFA BOOST offers the perfect combination of classic design along with modern, innovative and powerful technology.


TOWNIE Plus - Electric Cruiser Bike - אלקטריק קונספטס
Electric Cruiser Bike

The Electra Townie® Plus! is an easy-to-use, pedal assist bike with surprising power that’ll make you want to go forever.

VELLO - High-Performance Folding Bike - אלקטריק קונספטס
High-Performance Folding Bike

The lightest and most compact folding & electric bicycle in the world!


Showing all 5 results