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About Us

Three friends from different fields – industrial designer, musician and high-tech worker, who together decided to bring something new to Israel, something that might change the culture of urban cycling that developed here in the last 5 years. We have an underground studio in Herzliya Pituach, in the heart of an area full of garages, where the magic happens. We do not stop looking for the next winning combination, testing countless frames until you find the perfect match to the smart wheel, something that will create an unforgettable riding experience; whether it’s a cruiser, single speed or a folding bike, it must be beautiful, Faster and most important – feel like a bicycle. In our studio we also design bicycle frames, make collaborations with other designers (not only from the bicycle industry), and especially look for work that will make us and you feel good.

Key features

Wheel Building

Our mechanics are committed to the highest level and have many years of experience not only in wheel building, but also in the geometry of hoops and spokes. With zealous attention to details that enables us to manufacture wheels at the highest level while integrating smart motors into every chassis.

Certified Service Laboratory

Repairs to the smart wheel are made in our studio. We are recognized as the official service station of the ZEHUS engine manufacturer and are competent to handle all problems related to the engine. With sophisticated diagnostic software, we will replace defective parts with new ones so that you can continue to ride without problems.

Frame Design

We are in the proses of developing our new bicycle frame in our design - EC. In an attempt to take all our insights on the smart wheel and pour them into a mountain-urban hybrid chassis that will bring the performance of the rider and engine to new heights.

Engineering and Manufacturing

We have the ability to develop any part it needed to combine the smart wheel to the chassis. All the development required goes to our engineering department for rapid development, manufacturing and testing. All to produce safe and smart products.

The Studio (Garage)

Our studio is located in the heart of a small industrial area in Herzliya Pituach, surrounded by garages, hidden from the street and kind of underground ... You are invited to see, touch, drink a good cup of coffee or a cold beer and we will be happy to answer any questions.

Wanna Ride?

There is a bicycle line that starts outside our studio and reaches the beach in Herzliya Pituah, where it connects to the boardwalk. Set a meeting and come for a ride, you will feel the bike perform up and down hill with the breeze in your face


One model, One of a kind

Renovated PEUGEOT single speed VINTAGE bike. Sandblasted and repainted. With VELO ORANGE accessories to go with the look: mud guards, Saddle, Pedals, bars, kickstand - fully equipped. With the ZEHUS smart wheel. Size 54, Weight 15.5 kg Price: 2250$

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7005-grade aluminium track frame, SRAM Omnium cranks, bladed track fork, Ritchey stem and seat post. Our most responsive and powerful machine yet. Combined with the Smart Wheel and weighs only 11Kg. Price: 2000$

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Blue & white frame, red & yellow stripes. Matching saddle, bars and logo. unique model in Israel - one of a kind. Combined with the Smart Wheel and weighs only 15Kg. Price: 1500$

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4130 CORE-LINE -54. only prototype of its kind. option to change the grips and saddle to black (if you don’t like getting your white grips dirty…) Combined with the Smart Wheel and weighs only 15Kg. Price: 1700$

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As soon as we saw the first FOFFA black edition, we immediately knew we had to invite renowned Israeli designer, PILPELED, to use the bikes as his canvas. Applying PILPELED’s design onto the FOFFA black frame was no easy task. We created laser-cut stencils to make sure all the fine details of his work translated and as you can see in our short film, the results are astounding.


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