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E-bike cycling was never that fun.

Cycling with the Zehus HUB is the most enjoyable ride you'll ever take. It's like riding a regular bike, but with super strength. The HUB makes your bike an electric bicycle that synchronizes with your movements and amplifies your pedal power ten time more You go farther in less time, creating an experience unlike anything you’ve ever had on Ebike. You'll love every ride.

Zehus were able to put all the needed components in a tiny and elegant rear bike hub. Brushless motor, batteries, electronics and sensors. With a battery capacity of 160 Wh and a weight of just 3 kg Zehus all in one hub has the highest energy/weight ratio on the market.
Electric Concepts - Electric Bike, Single Speed Ebike
Electric Concepts - Electric Bike, Single Speed Ebike
Electric Concepts - Electric Bike, Single Speed Ebike
Electric Concepts - Electric Bike, Single Speed Ebike
Electric Concepts - Electric Bike, Single Speed Ebike
Brompton Electric Kit - Zehus Smart Hub mounted on titanium rear triangle - Electric Concepts
Zehus Smart Hub mounted on titanium rear triangle

Upgrade your Brompton bike with a premium electric motor without compromising on Brompton effortless folding.

Foldylock Classic - Folding Bike Lock - Electric Concepts
Folding Bike Lock

A premium folding bike lock. When folded, it is easily carried in its designated case, which can be mounted on your bike frame, or tossed in your bag. When you get wherever you’re going, simply remove it, unfold it, and lock up your bike in seconds.

Foldylock Compact - Folding Bike Lock - Electric Concepts
Folding Bike Lock

As strong and dependable as a FoldyLock Classic, but in a smaller, more light-weight design. Indestructible and compact. There when you need it, unnoticeable when you don’t.

TOWNIE Plus - Electric Cruiser Bike - Electric Concepts
Electric Cruiser Bike

The Electra Townie® Plus! is an easy-to-use, pedal assist bike with surprising power that’ll make you want to go forever.

VELLO - High-Performance Folding Bike - Electric Concepts
High-Performance Folding Bike

The lightest and most compact folding & electric bicycle in the world!

E-Moulton - Premium Urban Electric Bike - Electric Concepts
Premium Urban Electric Bike

The E-Moulton E-Bike is a different breed altogether, a fascinating mix of old and new, lightweight (13.8kg) unusual appearance with special features.

FOFFA BOOST - Single Speed Electric Bike - Electric Concepts
Single Speed Electric Bike

The FOFFA BOOST offers the perfect combination of classic design along with modern, innovative and powerful technology.


What's the difference between an
electric bike
and a smart wheel?
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Ori Elishar
karate Instructor
I really mean it, before I met the advertisement of the bike on FACEBOOK, I fantasized about such a bicycle. Just like that, it's like Consciousness creates reality.
Ronen Levin
You can ride with and feel without, on the one hand the bikes help you not get sweaty to meetings, on the other hand you are not completely passive, you feel that you are doing some kind of physical activity.
Nadav Rubinstein
It does not even bother me what I do, the bike seems to be reading my body.
Sharon Ben-Avraham
Finance Planner - SBA
The moment I saw them, just in that second I realized that I wanted them.
Moshit Barel
Hi - Tech
It's one of the best moments of our day, we tend to talk about it in the evening. Of how much we enjoyed the ride to and from work.
Avi Golzman
Hi - Tech
The feeling is that it's a lot more flowing and you're more powerful in your ride, but riding is very natural, it's not a sense of driving in a motorized vehicle, it's really feels like riding a bicycle
Amihai Danny
Thanks to this bike, the road became as important as the destination. Smart, beautiful, my little pleasure every day.
Or Uzial
Software Developer
My best investment in recent years! Super Happy on the product (Foffa) and the service is amazing! Great guys, always happy to help. highly recommend!
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32V 8A Li-ion 160 Wh

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